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In today's digital age, children and their parents face an overload of information, making it challenging to discern what's truly beneficial.
Dragon Family World transforms learning into a delightful journey for both kids and their parents. By merging fun activities and games, we foster a genuine passion for knowledge that will last a lifetime.
Our mission? To guide families from aimless content consumption towards purposeful, playful growth.

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Children can complete tasks assigned by their parents to earn money. The goal is to help instill a solid work ethic and responsibility in children.
Kids can develop their own dragon avatars to visualize their achievements and progress, providing a fun and interactive way to track their growth.
Users earn gems when a task is completed within the app. Players can use gems to buy various tools for teaching entrepreneurial skills, like managing their finances.
Users can choose one or more hobbies and chat with other children in safe chat spaces to expand their social skills and encourage meaningful relationships.
Our app offers entertaining quizzes in different fields, allowing children to compare their achievements with others and learn in a fun and engaging way.
Users can also participate in creative competitions related to their hobbies, fostering their creativity and imagination.
Dragon Family World is a comprehensive and interactive edutainment platform for children to learn and develop skills like communication, teamwork, critical thinking, leadership, and more.

We live in a fast-paced world, and modern parents often need more time to engage in their child's development actively. Dragon Family is a safe, user-friendly platform where parents can easily track their child's progress and identify strengths and predispositions.

We use an original artificial intelligence system called Dragon Eye, which uses advanced algorithms to analyze a child's performance in various tasks and activities.

Dragon Eye can identify patterns and trends in children's behavior, allowing parents to gain insight into their child's strengths and weaknesses.

Dragon Eye saves time, helps you better understand your child's needs, and provides the necessary support to facilitate their growth and development.

We’re excited to offer a unique and effective tool to help parents stay informed and involved in their child's learning journey.

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